Jude Tedmori

Jude Tedmori has been writing and performing comedy in Chicago since 2011, and recently moved to Los Angeles. He is a member of the sketch group Two Bunnies Eating Flowers, which has performed at both UCB Theatres, in addition to various Chicago venues, which has been described as, "ridiculous, explosive, shocking, confrontational glitterbomb of a show … a fearless, bloody, full-frontal assault on all senses that makes you want to leap out of your seat and start a revolution."

He was also a part of the monthly sketch show HIJINKS, which was an experimental monthly show that did big high concept shows, like doing a show on moving Party Trolley and performing Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”. It all culminated in a huge twelve hour long festival where they performed all twelve shows back to back. Here’s a write-up about the festival: http://gapersblock.com/ac/2015/02/11/hijinksfest-at-io-theater-on-comedy-and-the-pursuit-of-the-extreme/  

Contact Jude at TedmoriJude@gmail.com