Alex Hanpeter

Alex Hanpeter was born and raised in Saranac Lake, New York where she did things like pee outside and not eat exotic fruits and vegetables. She moved to Chicago to go to college, pee inside and eat a variety of nutrients (and sometimes still pee outside, 'cos this tiger can't change its stripes). 

After meeting the two other members in The Second City's Comedy Studies program, she formed the three-person sketch group "Two Bunnies Eating Flowers" which has performed at both UCBT-NY and LA, Chicago and New York Sketchfests, and a myriad of Chicago venues and events such as The Chicago Tribune's "Next Generation of Comedy." Their live shows have been described as "ridiculous, explosive, shocking, confrontational glitterbomb of a show ... a fearless, bloody, full-frontal assault on all senses that makes you want to leap out of your seat and start a revolution" and "Something genuinely unique and cool."

She was also 1/5th of the experimental monthly show HIJINKS, whose year-long existence culminated in a 12-hour, one-day festival of all the shows they had written called HIJINKSfest. Hour 7 was a real, fist to face boxing match between Alex and her boyfriend (don't worry, she won), Hour 8 was a show done entirely on a moving Party Trolley, and Hour 9 was Arthur Miller's The Crucible (starring Robocop). As a group, they were said to be "fearlessly working towards something truly original and unseen in live sketch comedy." 

Since moving to L.A. she's been performing live with her partner Jude Tedmori, most notably at The Upright Citizen Brigade in their show "George Washington: The Original American Badass.", and at The Nerdist Showroom in The Wheel Show, and at The Lab at The Improv in There Will Be Prizes*. She also adopted a cat named Tee Tee that farts when you pick him up. 

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