Alex and Jude were born on two different coasts, one in the beautiful world of the OC (oooh, sexy) and one in Saranac Lake, New York (huh?), and met smack dab in America's heartland at The Second City’s Comedy Studies Program in Chicago, a semester long “study abroad” program offered through Columbia College. They were randomly placed together, and have been working together since then.

While in Chicago, they were a part of two separate sketch groups, Two Bunnies Eating Flowers and HIJINKS.

Two Bunnies Eating Flowers was a risk-based, spectacle driven trio, that has been described by Time Out Chicago as a “ridiculous, explosive, shocking, confrontational, glitterbomb … a fearless, bloody, full-frontal assault on all senses that makes you want to leap out of your seat and start a revolution.” They've performed at both Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in Los Angeles and New York, as well as various theatres across Chicago including The Annoyance and iO. You can watch their filmed sketches here

They were also 2/5ths of the group HIJINKS, an experimental monthly show that was constantly changing and evolving every month. They did a show on a moving Party Trolley, a real life boxing match between Alex and Jude, and they have even performed Arthur Miller’s The Crucible (eh, kind of). Their existence culminated in a 12 hour long marathon where they performed every single show they’d ever written back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back. You can read about that day here


Since moving to Los Angeles, they’ve completed a run at UCB-Franklin of their original play George Washington: The Original American Badass and joined the cast of The Wheel Show at The Nerdist Showroom. They’ve also begun a new monthly show at The Lab at The Hollywood Improv called “There Will Be Prizes* (*There Will Also Be Punishments)”, a game show/sketch/stand up hybrid that goes up every last Thursday of the month. 

Outside of The Wheel Show and There Will Be Prizes*, you can see Alex & Jude performing live at various shows around Los Angeles. Check out their calendar for upcoming performance dates. You can see them soon on Seeso’s original program “The Comedy Show Show.”